Ventriloquist Dummies -- Comedy Classics

We carry a large selection of Ventriloquist Dummies in our Camarillo location and ship all over the country.

Basic Ventriloquist Dummies: All figures featured here have heads that do NOT move. A string, when pulled, activates the mouth movement.

The cost for these Ventriloquist dummies is only: $64.95 + $10.00 S&H.

Standard Dummies: This allows operation of the dummy with the hand inside the body. The post inside the body allows for the operation of the dummy with one hand. Additionally, the head can be turned 360 degrees, and the mouth is now operated with a thumb trigger. This upgrade allows for the other hand to be free for gesturing and other movements.

Cost: $199.00 + $15.00 S&H.

Deluxe Dummies: Includes all features listed above as well as (artificial) hair. Also includes moving eyes (left and right) with control inside the body.

Cost: $349.00 + $15.00 S&H
add Moving Eyebrows $495 + $15.00 S&H 

Custom Dummies: There are three levels of custom dummies available . (We do not make look-a-likes of known persons or characters)

1. Basic Custom: You provide a brief description of the figure and we use a standard head to make the dummy.  $1000.00

2. Basic Look A Like: You Provide a Photo of the person and we make a close resemblance of the person.   $2000.00

3. Custom Look A Like : You provide a Photo and we make an exact "look alike". 
Starting @ $3000.00  Firm price given after review of requirements.

Call or E-MAIL for price quote.

Carrying Suitcase; Protect your Ventriloquist Dummy when traveling or just storage safely. Sturdy Suitcase with wheels and handle.

Cost: $125.00 + S&H

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