About Merlin's Magic & Science in Camarillo

Here's Paul working on some new magic tricks.

Merlin's Magic & Science is located in Camarillo, California on the corner of Ponderosa and Mobil.

The company's owner and magician, Paul Dwork, is available as a magician for all types of events including magic for "Close-up", "Parlor" and "Stage"

To Hire Paul as a Magician for your next event, click here.

Inside the store you can find a large assortment of magic and science projects. Something for everyone from beginner to advanced including:

  • Ventriloquist Dummies (puppets)

  • Cards (Gaff Cards, trick decks, etc.)

  • Tricks (sponge balls, cups and balls, top hats, vanishing boxes and bottles, appearing flowers, card castle, square circle, etc.)

  • Coins (double sided, shells, Gaffs, magnetic, jumbo coins, Sasco and Johnson quality, etc.)

  • Rope (tricks, books, DVD's, Gaffs, magnets, etc)

  • Books, DVD's, Videos on all types of magic

  • "Mentalism" effects (books, DVDs, cards, ESP, Mind Reading, etc.)

  • And so much more, the above is only a small fraction of the magic inventory available at Merlins.

  • Special Orders always available.  If it's available we can get it for you.

  • Find out more about our magic products here



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